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I'm seeking psychiatric love help.

Thunder Ropp


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I'm doomed. Truly and utterly doomed.

People have started calling me the 40-year-old virgin because I never seem to be able to get a girlfriend. 

I don't understand why I have so much trouble.

If you want to know a little bit about me to get a good idea of why I can't get anybody to like me, here it is...

1. I'm a storm chaser.

2. I like to watch Star Trek 

3. I love to eat Ramen Noodles

4.My car is a 1969 Pontiac GTO 'judge' hardtop coupe. with a turbo hydra-matic 400 transmission and a 400c.i. ram air IV engine.

5. I named my car Big Bertha.

6. I love to play Xbox and still have an Xbox 360.

7. I have ADHD.

8. I'm partially Bipolar. (If you want to know what that means, I change moods suddenly but, it's not really much.)

9. I love to draw. Mostly ponies and Star Trek but, I do also draw storm chasing vehicles like the Tornado Intercept Vehicle and the Doppler on Wheels.

10. my GPA in high school was a 3.2

11. I am a realist. basically, when someone asks me if the glass is half-full or half-empty, i whip out a tape measure to get the dimensions of the cup to see if it actually IS a cup with water in it. (theoretically speaking, that is...)

12. If you haven't already noticed, I'm very technical and I happen to use alot of big words.

13. My favorite character from MLP is Shining Armor.

14. All of my friends are okay with me liking My Little Pony

15. I live in Oklahoma. (Hence, knowing alot about weather because... DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HECK HAPPENS EVERY MAY IN OKLAHOMA?) (let me just give you a hint... look up 'F-5 Tornado' on google and at least 75% of the pictures on there will be of a tornado somewhere in Oklahoma, and 75% of those pictures will be of the May 3rd, 1999 moore-bridge creek F-5.)

16. I live outside of a town. (Just outside of a town called Blackwell, Oklahoma. We have 7,092 people and the main stoplight in our town blinks red.)

17. alright... dang i guess i'll finish this list on a high note. I was in marching band and in High School and I played Bass Drum and Cymbals. (as you can see, I'm a master of bad puns, too.)

18. Must I go on....

anyway, can you tell me what's wrong with me and maybe I'll try to fix it? Or maybe not. I just need to know why I have no luck getting girls to like me much less go out with me. I'm doomed to extinction of my family. I hate my life.

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Emerald Shine


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there is not wrong with you, everyone will find their special some pony at the right time just don't try and force it 




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I agree with the previous reply. There is nothing wrong with you. The right person will accept you for you. However, if that doesn't provide enough insight please feel free to PM me for more elaboration or details.

The key point here being that if you change yourself to better suit someone else they will have fallen in love with that person and not the person you truly are. The consequence being that all facades fade and when that one does there will be no one to blame but yourself and unfortunately the other person will feel cheated because they were.

Cameron Morris


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Listen, there is nothing wrong. Don't listen to those who try to bring you down. Listen to those who are trying to bring you up. It takes time to find the perfect woman. I believe in you. I'm sure you'll find that special gal for you