Soulary Soulary

About me
Love is a selfless endurance that cherishes moments freely given and honest people. Love with an expectation is not an act of love. Love is freely given.
We can only offer patience for change in others. We are powerless to create it in others.
We hold all the power to be the change within ourselves. Yet, we rarely change because of an unwillingness to accept the humility of our humanity. Imperfect being cloaked in a shield of perfection for fear of our own creation.
I try to be as kind and respectful as possible. I love to invent, write, paint, bake, be charitable, and contemplate big ideas. I'm a long term planner and I'm not afraid to face my shortcomings as they let me know how to be better! Please ask for more depth!


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
Nothing! :D
Why I like MLP?
Refreshing break from the selfish intentions of the world. Also, backstory [Ask].
Creative, Passionate, Subtle, Athletic, Reserved
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