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Keystroke Admin

PonyCrush founder. I'm a real geek! Programming's a great creative outlet for me. When I'm not coding, I like visiting new places, trying new foods, or studying new ideas. I like hiking the mountains or taking midnight walks. If you want to know more, just message me. If you're having problems with the site, do the same. :)

My type
I'm attracted to a mind and a heart, to someone nerdy, kind, passionate, and creative. I can become very technical and analytical so I need a dash of chaos in my life to inspire my heart and settle my mind. On another note, I might take over the world, because why not.. Care to help? :)

Find me on Xbox Live: KeystrokeBrony

LinuxPony Moderator

I no longer user PonyCrush.

If you want to add me on Discord, my ID is LinuxPony#3888

Prismatic Moderator

Yes, I'm that Prismatic. Don't remind me.

I don't know what else to add. I own too many computers that run Windows 98.

Rainer J├╝rgensen Developer

I am an informatic student at the University of Hamburg, hobby cook and free time programmer.
I enjoy mlp since the first season and don't want to stop doing that anytime soon.

Understanding german would be a huge benefit while writing with me, but english works too.

One of my plans is to write a mlp themed Jump and Run (based on daring do), but I hardly find time (university, friends, ponycrush, family).

Userscripts for Ponycrush: https://ponycrush.com/discussions/read/181