PonyCrush Site Rules

How old must I be?

You must be 18 years or older to use PonyCrush. All underage registrations will be deleted. While PonyCrush isn't strictly for dating, it still is largely a dating site. Allowing underage users would put minors at risk and attract strange predatory users to the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

What would get me in trouble?

Doing any of the following could result in a staff member suspending or banning your account.

  • Not keeping it at a PG-13 level in the Horse Feed. No NSFW content. No inappropriate behavior.
  • Harassing or bullying another member in any way
    • This includes deliberate instigation or "trolling" of a member you know to be not-so-friendly, anti-social, or emotionally unstable. If you have concerns regarding another user, please send a private message to a staff member.
  • Not respecting other users' "Interested in" preference (Interested in Mares, Stallions, Transpony, None)
    • When a user's profile lacks an "Interested in" field, the user does not wish to participate in dating.
  • Posting illegal content
  • Posting prejudicial / generally offensive or explicit wall comments
  • Posting explicit images marked as safe images
  • Using inappropriate or offensive usernames, display names, or avatars
    • Inappropriate avatars include explicit, grimdark, or violent depictions
    • Inappropriate names include explicit or offensive language
  • Hacking or harming the website
  • Anything the staff deems fair

When you see users breaking these rules, please report it to a staff member by private message.

Is edgy content allowed?

Yes, our policy is similar to that of FimFiction or Derpibooru. Not-Safe-For-Work content can be activated / censored from account settings. All non-safe images are hidden by default. If this system becomes too much of a problem to moderate and maintain, we may prohibit NSFW content altogether in the future. Explicit avatars are NEVER allowed.