PonyCrush Site Rules

How old must I be?

You must be at least 14 years or older to use PonyCrush.

What would get me in trouble?

Doing any of the following could result in a staff member suspending or banning your account.

  • Not keeping it at a PG-13 level in the Horse Feed. No NSFW content. No inappropriate behavior.
  • Harassing or bullying another member in any way
    • This includes deliberate instigation or "trolling" of a member you know to be not-so-friendly, anti-social, or emotionally unstable. If you have concerns regarding another user, please send a private message to a staff member.
  • Not respecting other users' "Interested in" preference (Interested in Mares, Stallions, Transpony, None)
    • When a user's profile lacks an "Interested in" field, the user does not wish to participate in dating.
  • Posting illegal content
  • Posting prejudicial / generally offensive or explicit wall comments
  • Posting explicit images marked as safe images
  • Using inappropriate or offensive usernames, display names, or avatars
    • Inappropriate avatars include explicit, grimdark, or violent depictions
    • Inappropriate names include explicit or offensive language
  • Stating a false age
  • Hacking or harming the website
  • Anything the staff deems fair

When you see users breaking these rules, please report it to a staff member by private message.

Is edgy content allowed?

Yes, our policy is similar to that of FimFiction or Derpibooru. All non-safe images are hidden by default. Not-Safe-For-Work content can be activated / censored from account settings (for users 18 and over). If this system becomes too much of a problem to moderate and maintain, we may prohibit NSFW content altogether in the future. Explicit avatars are NEVER allowed.