About PonyCrush

What is PonyCrush?

PonyCrush is a social network, a brony dating site, and a platform for organizing events and projects within the fandom. It's a free-to-use site developed for the My Little Pony fandom. Our mission is to provide a community for fans to make friends, build teams, and find compatible soulmates.

Twilight Pro-tip:

PonyCrush started as a site focused on dating for adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Development started December 19, 2014, and the site launched June 4, 2015.


Why "PonyCrush"?

Since this is partly a dating site, we wanted the site to be welcoming to everyone's identity and preferences. We didn't feel the name should carry any connotation of gender in and of itself. That meant steering clear of the terms "Brony" and "Pegasister". Why? Because, some female fans prefer "brony" and hate "pegasister". Some prefer "pegasister" and think "brony" is strictly for men. Some bronies in general don't like being labeled at all. Plus we wanted to be accepting of any other gender identities or labels we might not be familiar with. We decided referencing the common interest itself - ponies - in the name was a safe bet.


How can I help?

The team is small but growing. We're currently looking for people to fill the roles of PR and graphic design. If interested, please send me a private message.