Thunder Ropp admiralthunderstorm

About me
I am a storm chaser and meteorology nut. I am on he road most of the springtime based on if my area has a large chance of severe weather. My name is Matthew Ropp but, everyone calls me Thunderstorm for obvious reasons. I also like Star Trek but, I am very okay with watching Star Wars. I love to talk about alot of things but, I tend to take my opinions based on facts rather than emotional responses.

One of my personal quotes:
"The media are a bunch of liars, Prime example: not one person has EVER died from falling. It's the sudden stop at the end of that fall that kills somebody."
another one:
"In the beginning, there was nothing. Then, God said, 'let there be Star Trek!' and there was Star Trek. Then came all the cheap knock-offs of Star Trek, like Star Wars."


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Favorite character
Shining Armor
What I learned from MLP?
What I learned is to never take for granted something you have because you never know when you won't have it.
Why I like MLP?
I like the family atmosphere that it conveys.
Realistic, Creative, Hyperactive
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