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Idaho Potato Pones

3 members

Group for the Idahoans!

Illinois ponies

9 members

Bronies who live in Illinois

Indiana Chapter

9 members

Group For Everypony In or Near Indiana


No members


Kansas Bronies

5 members

All Bronies that live in Kansas

Kentucky Bronies and Pegasisters

1 member

Fans who live Kentucky

Kuro answers your questions!

7 members

--Currently taking questions--

Kuro's Friend group!

8 members


Land Of Minecraft

3 members

For ponies who are a (Minecraft Player)

Las Vegas Bronies

3 members

Bronies of whom live in Las Vegas NV USA

Legends Of Equestria

23 members


Lemons are love Lemons are life

1 member

Just a hang out with lemons


12 members


London Bronys

1 member

Any pony who lives or is from London join here

London Bronys

1 member

Any one who lives or is from London join here

Luna's Warriors

9 members

A place for Luna's best soliders


1 member

The conversational game of lies and deception!

Magic The Gathering bronies

1 member

Ponies playing Magic Cards.

Maine Bronies

2 members

.Bronies In Maine

Make Equestria Great Again

16 members

We will make Equestria great again!

Manehattan Bronies

No members

New York group

Maryland bronies

7 members

bronies that live in Maryland

Meet Up With MakeShift

3 members

Stop On By And Meet Me, MakeShift!

Metal ponies

19 members

For metal ponies.

Displaying 73-96 of 209