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Chapter Three: Checkmate

Avid Sketch


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Tick tick tick tick tick.

That what Avid's past hour has been full off. A clock counting off her moments of an unsteady heart.

Today was... okay. Pretty okay, same pattern, same times, little breaks for talking to new guards...

Still flirting with the King.

Of all things- sure Frith could've easily swept Avid off her hooves at any second. Or maybe any brawny, harsh sounding stallion can lure her from the soft spoken King. It was pretty obvious how different the high ranking Unicorn was to any other wife searching stallion was in this kingdom.

He was like water and any other guy to avid was like- her favorite fizzy cider.

It was bubbly, and exciting at first. But then it'd go flat and she'd find a new one. While water was water. It was a good clear hydration that was cold and refreshing after given some time to breath, warm when you wanted to splash some flavor into your palette. Only misuse and abuse of such a wonderful substance would dirty it.

And from there, she knew.
Sekr was water, the kingdom was that flavor. And she was going to dirty him.

She's the problem in this kingdom.
She was always the problem.


Knock Knock

This was bad.

"My... My King?" 

My love? Crush? Flirt?

"Are you... awake?"

She can't do this.

Avid steps back, hopeful her nervous knocks were too soft to wake Sekr.

"... A-Apologies..."

She took a deep breath.

"I shouldn't be plaguing you with my existence..."

Avid Sketch


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Avid was halfway into her self depressing retreat when the soft glow of candlelight gave her away.

"M-My King.." she straightened up, brushing her flowing chocolate mane out of her eyes. "I- I am sorry for waking you. I was really hoping I didn't wake you. Oh dear- I didn't, please don't be mad at me."

It was bad that she was so used to cowering in front of everyone. It was worse doing it in front of a ruler that was now losing sleep because of her.

Avid breathed heavily, feeling her cheeks burn with tears and that formidable blush for the Honest King.

"I- I wanted to talk to you."

Avid Sketch


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Well- looks like there's no good time like now.

Avid turned around, sat her plump rump on the comfy couch, took a deep breath, and-

"Are you aware that I have been seriously thirsty pining for you for the past few months?" Her face a red. Her ears were red. Someone would possibly look at her and think she was red coated.


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Avid Sketch


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It haunted her for the next few hours.

At first she was numb, then angry, then calm. 

Okay so the King wasn't interested in her. Not a bug surprise. Not a lot of stallions aren't into tiny mares. Too small, too off.

She trotted in the same tight line across her bed, thinking of how she needed to come clean with this huge as-flank lie. 

"Okay, you can tell him that you weren't supposed to be here. Apologize for intruding- even if he gladly accepted you into his home- and go home, dig a hole, and bury yourself!" Not good. Third person isn't a nice person. "No no!!! What if he threatens to behead you!?" Her orange eye teitch, followed by her mint eye shutting tight. "Then he'll have the pleasure in getting rid of such a little cretin like you!"

She stopped by the large mirror propped by her little dresser.

Her head went back to showing the orange eye. 

"Better you dead."

Then the mint.

"He would never do that!"


"Then why did he take such a triumphant leave last night?"


"He left quickly! The King would never do such a heartless thing!"

"Malimar did."

"He's not this place's leader!"

She head butted the mirror, growing even quieter than she liked.

She didn't like Lazy Sketch.

Lazy Sketch was- Young. Weak. Alone. Self loathing.

She didn't want to be that little filly ever again.

But here she was, reminding Avid what a selfish person she was. Wanting love from some one that'd never love such a worthless mare.

Guess she'll be back for now.

But she kept to herself as Avid fixed her armor, washing her face free of the anger filled tears of rejection..

Of guilt.

The pink mare passed the mirror one last time and took in the faint blue cotton candy swirl that appeared by her orange eye and held her breath.

She'd need to dye her fur again.

"Good morning Frith." The voice that came from her mouth was softer, hoarse. But Avid cleared her throat as she approached the royal vizier .

"How approached are you this..." She wanted it to be fine. "Morning?"



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Earlier that morning, still shy of dawn.

Mays was out of the warmth of the palace and under the cool twilight of the surface. She breathed slowly through nose, occasionally rubbing her fur to aerate her skin with the refreshing chill.

The gem exchange still bothered her. It felt like a breach into the ideal world she thought she had entered. Equestria was supposed to be perfect after the war. We were all supposed to learn from our mistakes. A horror of morality emerged in her thoughts: What if there are more offenders than Generosity? Mays, in all her naivete, could scarcely imagine HOW the other nations could betray their Element but the concept was simple enough to make her worry. If the King would not bring his audience to the issue, Mays decided, then surely the Temple would.

The echoes of her galloping clops bounded through the alleys dug into the mesa. There was only one place with their lamps lit at night--or, at least, they were the earliest of everyone to start their day--the Honesty Temple, in the middle of the middle of the city. It stood monolithic to its surrounding businesses, large and layered like a circular pyramid with vertical sides. Mays trotted inside without waiting to catch her breath. It was quiet inside all save for the scratching of bookkeepers and teachers scribbling on their parchments in preparation for the day ahead. They were too busy to notice Mays, but she wasn't here for a class and she didn't even have an appointment. On her way to the stairs, she briefly regarded the memorials she had passed. One was for Father Graham Cracker, who had recently passed away--peacefully, from years of life. (Mays only saw the guy once but, in remembrance, she furrowed her eyebrows and curled her lips in a weird way.)

The smell of oil lamps was heaped upon by smells of scented candles and flowers when her head entered the floor of the brothel. The regular greeter was not here in this time of day, so Mays was able to skirt mostly unnoticed through the lax organization of furniture to the next set of stairs. Ponies lay about in the half-darkness among pillows and things. Blankets were thrown over them half-heartedly--or perhaps only to effect a sensual presentation. Some were not asleep, however, and they followed Mays with their dreamy eyes and simpering lips. Mays caught one mare looking her side to side. Mays flicked her tail unconsciously and cantered for a few steps but, nonetheless, smiled at the mare and cleared her throat, suppressing the bashful mood welling up inside. (Meanwhile, she considered that taking the outside route directly to the third floor would have been more discreet and wise; and depending on her method, more fun! The direction she came from, however, made this the fastest way.)

Here on the third floor was the main body of the temple where ponies would confide to the priests, attend services, and gather at the altars. She was hoping for a pony in robes to talk to, but saw only a small family in silent prayer and a single stallion sitting and staring thoughtfully toward a glass-windowed depiction of an uncharacteristically serene Applejack. Mays offered her own thoughtless prayers to the window, but quickly turned her head back to her objective. While no official pony was in sight, she did see one confessional booth with its lamp lit. She sat down and started talking.

The gems.

The King.


The note.

The restlessness she now felt.

For once I have somethin' to say, but I fear nopony will hear.

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Avid Sketch


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Shit shit shit shit shit!

"H-He's gone?" Avid had screwed up. She didn't mean to, but she screwed up. And now everyone will never really like her again.

Oh well, it was nice while it lasted!

"I only talked to him this early morn, a-and I told him..." 

Looking to the Vizier only made her more... tired. 

"I told him how I felt. He rejected me, and I suspect he may be still flushing out the embarrassing moment as was I." no point in lying, but hey- if the King really didn't hate her after this she could get some things packed and be gone before nightfall.

"... He's... It's my fault Frith. That he's missing. I'm sorry."