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[You are pelted by a hefty parchment. You watch it unfurl to the ass-end of the road.]

--> <--

[You decide you could use the exercise.]

EDIT 03/07/16: I'M TAKEN! But it's okay. I still need all the ponis.

EDIT 01/28/18: Listen buster. I'm 100% weird but 100% genuine. Whatever story you have, I will believe you to the end of freaking days. I hand out benefits of the doubt like candy on Halloween. Because dammit, I WANT to believe. The best foundation for friendship is trust, and that's where I prefer to start.

Video games are life. Omg add me on Steam:
or zealous98#8217 on Discord !!!
or zealous#1357 on for the Overbaps.

dumb music:


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Favorite character
Pinkie Pie
What I learned from MLP?
Why I like MLP?
Equestria IS the model of sustainable utopia. I like it. I would rather be there than here.

also,,,....... ponis r daaaaaamn!! CUTE.............
Creative, Systematic, Passionate, Subtle, Hyperactive, Athletic, Flirty
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