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Guys im a rich person and im trying to avoid greedy girls all the time. Any advice that i need to know ? Ik they can backstab me anytime , i do know many methods they use , but maybe you know some i do not already know and you could help me out ?



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If possible just try not to bring up money, or pretend to be poor. 



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I agree. Act like you dont have much money; and try to have your SO pay sometimes. 




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There can be no relationship without trust and communication. However, I agree with the two previous replies. If you don't want excess wealth to influence the relationship you'll have to approach the relationship as if you never had it. Understandably many shallow people may find your wealth appealing and if you don't show it off you may be concerned that they may not have an interest in you. However, do you want to be with someone, regardless of physique, who will swim to the shiniest object first before the person? Those kinds of people have already made plain their focus, the shiny object, and are therefore less likely to care about breaking your heart in the process of getting it. If you do compromise, or not heed our warnings, and decide to show your wealth it will be your choice to take that risk.

Be brave, be kind, be you and don't let your position or wealth speak for you because they can be lost.

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I have found that money often doesn't matter. When I was dirt poor I had a wife and a happy life and everything seemed fine. Then I became rich and started working a lot and my wife hated that I made more money than her and always worked so she left. Now I'm rich but I have nothing and I can't find any girls interested in me.