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Keystroke Admin

PonyCrush founder.
Private message me if you need help on the site.

Programming's a great creative outlet for me, though pondering new ideas will only temporarily satisfy my need to visit random new places.

Find me on Xbox Live: KeyThePony

Chaotic Mind Moderator

I'm a crazy guy. I am very open to chatting and tend to be very witty. I will have a witty and/ or smartass response for almost anything. Don't worry. I can get serious if the situation calls for it.

My interests include PC technology, anything automotive, general electronics, and hardware hacking.

Also, I have autism. Be warned. LOL

Jet Stream Moderator

Relationship Status: Single

I play video games, listen to music, I am a military fanatic, and gun enthusiast as well as an aviation nerd. I also enjoy making new friends.

You can add me on any of the below, just message me telling me who you are first. If you don't do this then I will simply ignore anything I get from you. I DO NOT RESPOND TO RANDOMS.

For any serious issues that require immediate attention, please DM me on Discord so that I can deal with it ASAP. Anything else, DM me here and I will deal with it when I can.

Steam - [TNLR] Jet Stream
Discord - Jet Stream#7445
Xbox Live - Jet Stream#1047
Origin - TNLR_Zero
Ubisoft Connect - Jet_Stream96

Prismatic Moderator

Yes, I'm that Prismatic. Don't remind me.

I don't know what else to add. I own too many computers that run Windows 98.