PonyCrush Staff

Keystroke Admin

PonyCrush founder.
Private message me if you need help on the site.

Programming's a great creative outlet for me, though pondering new ideas will only temporarily satisfy my need to visit random new places.

Find me on Xbox Live: KeyThePony

Chaotic Mind Moderator

I'm a crazy guy. I am very open to chatting and tend to be very witty. I will have a witty and/ or smartass response for almost anything. Don't worry. I can get serious if the situation calls for it.

My interests include PC technology, anything automotive, general electronics, and hardware hacking.

Also, I have autism. Be warned. LOL

Jet Stream Moderator

Relationship Status: Single

Gamer, music lover, aviation freak, firearms enthusiast(gun nerd). Not much more can be said. Hmu if you ever wanna chat!

For any serious issues that requires immediate attention, please DM me on Discord so that I can deal with it ASAP. Anything else, DM me here and I will deal with it when I can.

Steam - [TNLR] Jet Stream
Discord - jetstream96
Xbox Live - Jet Stream#1047
Origin - TNLR_Zero
Ubisoft Connect - Jet_Stream96

Prismatic Moderator

Yes, I'm that Prismatic. Don't remind me.

I don't know what else to add. I own too many computers that run Windows 98.