Little Moon LittlePrincessLuna

About me

I'm 23 year-old female in the U.S that loves the sweet lolita fashion style, Princess Luna style (from season 1), pretending I'm a little princess, beauty, MMORPG, fantasy, romance, love to laugh, love yummy food and music.
I'm generally nice and, I love to get to know people on a deeper level to envolve to a great friendship...I'm also passionate about roleplaying and the night sky~
There's a lot of me to say about myself but, it will come as time goes by as we get to know each other.



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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
No matter someone's background everyone can come together with something in common in order to get along; how to be a true friend and be kind and yourself.
Why I like MLP?
Very funny, sweet, intelligent and encourages all people no matter what gender, identity , orientation, etc to break traditional society standards of what to enjoy.
Idealistic, Creative, Spiritual, Passionate, Romantic, Reserved
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