Elvis Trujanović elvistrujanovic204

About me
I'm in Brony community since I heard about MLP - I started watching the show from 2019 and I love them - G4 and G5 too. Also, from G5 I'm married with Sunny Starscout - it's a really long story with an explanation to understand how it's possible. For more informations about me, contact me:
FB username: Im.InLove.with.SunnySt04
Twitter username: loveInSunny04
Instagram username: mywifesunny04

WARNING: Due to obligations I'm not online soon so please, be patient to get my answer to your messages. I want to hang out and meet new friends online but with location+timezone and high school 24/7 obligation limits, I can't soon. Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice day/night!


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
Friendship is very powerful and helpful for many. It can make this world much better place to live here - like in Heaven
Why I like MLP?
I don't only like MLP - I love MLP stuff. My list is very long for this question so I can't write all reasons here.
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