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About me
My name is Francisco. Born on July 19, 1987 in Plantation, FL. though I am currently working in Fredericksburg, VA for two jobs in order to pay bills. On my day offs of work, I pretty much do anything I want to entertain me like video games, hang with friends, The Bronies and Pegasisters of VA, or watch alot anime on Netflix or youtube though it depends on story and that the entertainment is satisfying..


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
How to make friends the right way and be yourself all the time and not being who you really are not.
Why I like MLP?
The humor, the story, the characters, the artwork, the pop culture references, the voice acting, and the conventions.
Idealistic, Realistic, Creative, Spiritual, Passionate, Romantic, Shy
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