Cad Cad-the-Hound

About me
Hello! I am Cad, but you can call me Dakota if you want, I don't have a preference.

I joined the mlp fandom when I was in 4th grade after my friend showed me what Flipnote Hatena was on the DSI.
since then I've been in love with the fandom, despite taking a break for 2-3 years. My first fursona was a wolf named Zoi (I no longer draw her) and is now a wolf and a ponysona named Cad, his name rhyming with bad or fad, it is not pronounced kade.

There is no specific reason why my fur/ponysona is a male and I identify as female (my birth gender.)
I adopted Cad from a small adoptable account on Instagram many years back, his name was Kevin then, but I since had permission from the owner to change his name.
I just found myself so attached to Cad that I deemed him my main fursona.


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Idealistic, Realistic, Creative, Spiritual, Passionate, Hyperactive, Athletic
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