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About me
I live in Lexington, Kentucky and have lived here my whole life. I work at Donatos Pizzeria, and have been employed there for the past 23 yrs. I don't have a license or a car, so I either ride a bicycle or I take the bus.I'm Demisexual IRL so I'm still a virgin and will stay that way until I find my Soulmate, should they exist. I don't smoke, drink, or do any drugs, so I'm seeking a partner that has the same qualities. I don't have or want kids, and my partner should also not want them either. I am into watching movies, television shows, whether it be drama series or reality, playing video games, and especially role play (no table top).


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
I learned from watching My Little Pony that you could have friends that have different qualities and personalities than you, and still get a long and have meaningful friendships with them.
Why I like MLP?
I loved My Little Pony back in the 80's growing up, but never got into G2 or G3. When I learned about FIM and watched the first episode, I was hooked.
Creative, Spiritual, Shy, Reserved
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