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About me
Daydreamer on the outside, sad changeling on the inside. Mysterious stallion who needs a change. Golden years way behind, but who said they were last ones? Motivation awaits to be awakened, creativity about to burst. Only the last element is missing...

(sounds like a RP-character desc - it isn't)

Interested in programming (gamedev), music, philosophy and technology.


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
From the enormous amounts of valuable lessons, the most important: Knowledge is a blessing, and there's always evil in the world to be fought with friendship, peace and love.
Why I like MLP?
Valuable message, fascinating world, lots of characters with various personalities to identify with, very positive influence on life and imagination.
Also, in other words: "The rescued one will always be grateful to his rescuer."
Idealistic, Creative, Systematic, Shy, Reserved
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