Strawberry Breeze magicmares

About me
Hi! I used to have an account a couple years ago, but recently found myself unable to share my interests of MLP anywhere. That's when I found this site! I'm excited to be here and make new friends. Here's to the start of something new!


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
It honestly means way too much to me, for me to fit inside this little box. I've been a fan since I was young and it got me through some pretty tough times. It means way more to me than I can explain.
Why I like MLP?
I love everything about it! The characters are so loveable and I LOVE how much detail and thought they put into the lore of Equestria. It's insane. MLP sparks inspiration for me.
Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Reserved
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