Fire Blaster FireBlaster

About me
i'm just a goofy gamer guy looking for his player 2, i love making new friends and roleplaying is always fun, i absolutely despise bullies, cheaters, catfishers, alcoholics, and drugs, so if you do any of those things, plz pass me up

i'm rly just looking for a gamer girl to play Mario Kart with, who will love me for my goofy self and loves hugs and snuggles, and loves adventures


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Favorite character
Sunset Shimmer
What I learned from MLP?
i learned that friendship rly is the best kind of magic to have, without it... life would just be so dull and depressing
Why I like MLP?
mainly cause of the friends i've made cause of the fandom as well as all the things in the show that i relate to
Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive, Flirty
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