Rolling Rolling

About me
Writer at heart, cyberpunk enthusiast (the genre, not the game)

Admittedly i'm not sure what to put here, so i'll put some potentially noteworthy things that will (hopefully) tell you about the kind of person I am:

I pretty much grew up with games like Half-Life, Unreal Tournament 99, Freelancer, and Deus Ex

Siege tends to be my main/go to game

I've recently been trying to get back into Yugioh via Duel Links (competitive side to be precise)

Discord ID upon request

Also since this is apparently used as a dating thing: Single


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
Never underestimate the importance of friends/friendship. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Why I like MLP?
Two main things that drew to it: The lore potential, and the plot/character progression.Not just in how they grew as characters, but how they could achieve there goals, and then be confronted with figuring out "Well, what next?"
Realistic, Creative, Passionate, Reserved
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