John Ivar Flatmo jif686

About me
Guy, From Norway, 21 yr old as of writing this.
Boring logical practical serius and antisocial/asocial(its both(he whispers to himself))

I have no particularly strong interests.
Jack of all trades master of none kinda deal.
includes watching anime tv series movies
Play game Write code, Fck il even knit if boredome comes knocking
Easiest to contact me thugh discordJIFSHED#3553
I am not fun, funny perhaps to some(me)(noone else) but not fun. uhm uhm uh, fck somthing about boats(i dont, i really dont,why nor when for even who)

trick questions
Maud is bae
The external
The snow shines bright
A pig a cow a dog a goat had em all in heere(animal order is probably wrong but shuld be fine)

Had to shrtn 800char limit


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Favorite character
Maud Pie
What I learned from MLP?
That MLP is not something one should learn from.
Why I like MLP?
I find it immensely humorous.
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