Jelly JellyJaffa

About me
I love the show and what it meant for me in my life. It brought me the best years of my life and many friends and relationships where made and broken over the years.. This show was there at the most depressive of times, and it gave me some meaning to go on with my life.

But seeing it all end faster then I can keep up is deeply saddening, while life stuff keeps you busy, the best and the last of the shows years have slipped away.. :(

Finished my studies a year ago and now I dont get to do much other from work, but in the offtime I sometimes attempt to play guitar. And I also play some PC games like League of Legends/WoW/CS ^^

Good traits:
God at Riven (champion in LoL)

Bad traits:
Lazy somedays..
Master Procrastinator


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
It shaped my personality kinda like our little Fluttershy has shaped her own, slowly coming out of her shell and overgrowing her biggest fears, and overtime becoming the assertve pony she is today. :)
Why I like MLP?
This show keept filling my life with joy and meaning throughout many years.
It helped me make a lot of great long lasting friendsips and bonds that I wouldnt have made otherwise.
Spiritual, Passionate, Shy, Flirty
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