Praise PraiseCastiel

About me
Sup, y'all! I'm Praise - a fat, 32 y/o asexual from Perth, Australia. My ponysona is a pegasus named Brazen Shield; she's kinda grumpy, bitter, sassy, loyal, protective, emotional and empathetic. Basically, me.
I love having a laugh at anything, even the dumbest shit. I'm content almost anywhere, but I don't need to be like, DOING something in order to enjoy myself. If I like the person enough, I'm happy to just be in their company. I'm very affectionate to those I care about, and can never get enough of hugs.

I guess I'm a little tired of going it alone. And pouring my heart into people who barely give me a second thought. It would be nice to have someone to share things with who actually returns the care and affection I give. Especially pony.


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
How to belong somewhere.
Why I like MLP?
Being an asexual, I'm well past fed up of over-sexualised/romanticised media. MLP is entirely about platonic relationships, and the intricacies they have. This show is 100% more relatable to me than anything else I've watched.
Creative, Passionate
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