Phano CaptainPhano

About me

My name is Phano and I am a freshwater/ice dragon. As such, I can be somewhat aloof and often avoid company. It is quite difficult to make friends this way, however, and these past few months have been lonlier than usual, despite having a dedicated D&D group.

You see, even though I like my space, a special friend to cuddle with a cup of tea and a tabletop game of some some sort sounds really swell to me.

So if you think we can satisfy each other's needs, please apply within??


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
Life is always changing and we may not be exactly the same ponies we were two seasons ago. And those ponies you thought you couldn't get along with? They're pretty cool in their own way.
Why I like MLP?
How many hours do you have?
Creative, Systematic, Romantic, Subtle, Reserved
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