Toma Silent_Night

About me
Hello everybody! My name is Toma.
I'm a chilled, layed back artist who happens to be a pony lover. I do digital art and can also do traditional, all for free if you just ask! Things about me:
Fav Youtuber: Either Cdawgva, Akidearest, LaurenSides, or Madame Macabre.
Fav Color: Purple and black.
Fav food: Ramen, duh.
Fav Person: My boyfriend, Mark.
Fav Actor: Either Johnny Depp or Jack Black.
Fav song: Depends on Genre.
Fav genre: Rock, Dubstep, or Egyptian.
Fav Book: Any Yaoi novel or Warriors, also I like Wings of Fire??
Favorite animal: Fennec fox or the typical housecat ( preferably a Rex, although they can be little demons.)
If you want to know anything else, just message, I don't bite <3
Taken by: my role model, bestfriend, and soul mate- Mark <3


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Favorite character
Rainbow Dash
What I learned from MLP?
You can make friends anywhere ( though it can be tricky as all hell.)
Why I like MLP?
Idealistic, Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive, Flirty
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