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About me
Dont think i can say much about me but my discord is DoW Overlord#7904 , i lead a team called Destroyers of Worlds , very serious gaming team we get very powerful team and beat everyone in versus games.
My steam is SnipeWhakiin , but heres a link , if you have trouble with link just look up my name : https://steamcommunity.com/id/AlphaPrimeSmirkface/
I also have a telegram @alphaprimesmirkface if anyone uses that thing
If you want to know more about me please message me on one of these and we can talk
Ohh and basic starting gear :
Straight , very romantic , single and looking for long lasting relationship and romance , nothing casual or any shit like that i hate those jeez
i couldnt fill up the height thing but my height is 1.75 meters. (use google to turn it into feet/inches/etc)


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Idealistic, Realistic, Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Hyperactive, Flirty
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