Fantasia Fantasia

About me
My name is James. I'm 26, am currently a writer, and post fimfics over at fimfiction under the name Fantasia. I have big aspirations of making it big as a writer, and hope to pave a future writing stories.

I became a brony sometime back in late 2011, and have been one ever since.

Other interests of mine, include: watching and discussing films, tv (and really, just about any storytelling medium), playing and watching video games, collecting, reading, going to conventions, cosplay, going on walks, astronomy, and... musing about life, I guess.

I'm a sensitive guy: considerate, compassionate, passionate, introspective, and am pretty laid back and easy going. After the Season 9 finale, I sorta realized just how empty and lonely I am... So I'm here hoping to change that!


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Favorite character
Starlight Glimmer
What I learned from MLP?
That friendship IS magic, duh.
Why I like MLP?
Honestly? It just... makes me a happier person, and gives me something to be passionate about, characters to like and admire... I feel like it's just changed me for the better, and that I'll always be better off for it.
Idealistic, Realistic, Creative, Systematic, Spiritual, Passionate, Romantic, Subtle, Shy, Reserved
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