Electric Dynamite Electric-Dynamite

About me
Just a Pone who's too afraid to make the first move. Message me if you want to hang out. ;)

I like music, video games, YouTube, Art, Animation, Fan Fictions, Food (Especially Pizza) and Singing.

I'm pretty open, so feel free to ask me whatever you want, I might be shy at first, but I'll start being more brave once the initial introductions are over with. I'm a fairly awkward person, not afraid to admit that, it's always better to be honest.


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
I learned a lot honestly. To really answer that in one simple sentence is just impossible... but, it taught me that life is important. That's the best I can say to sum it all up.
Why I like MLP?
It's such a great series, from it's incredible writing, to it's vast unique characters, to it's life lessons and well, I can just relate to it on a personal level. :)
Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive
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