EDM pony LoveponyDJ

About me
Relationship status: single

Uh well I’m 14 years of age like to workout, watch My Little Pony, love dogs and cats are cool, looking for friends and committed relationships, I like cars, making halo props and armor, enjoy fancy technology, love apples, soccer, enjoy parkour with friends, love going out, I’m a super happy positive nice person love socializing, very loving and caring, love helping ponies and all the above, always happy to have a conversation, I’m a motivational talker sometimes, love hard work, and love to make music, and etc.


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
I’ve learned to be generous, honest, loyal, and most importantly friendship is magic
Why I like MLP?
I just love the show I really enjoy watching it no real particular reason
Creative, Passionate, Flirty
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