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About me
I am a Brony. I've been one since 2015. I also like other cartoons, like Star VS. The Forces of Evil, Miraculous Ladybug, and Steven Universe. But none of those shows am I anywhere near as passionate about as MLP. I love MLP, it's an amazing show with amazing characters, amazing songs, and more. I'd love to meet someone that will be willing to date me, and love me for who I am, and care about me, and someone who will always be loyal to me no matter what, and someone I can sit down and watch my favorite shows with.

If you want to add me on Skype, it's Starlight is BEST Pony. Just search that up, and you'll find me. I also have Discord. My Discord username is Starlight Glimmer is BEST Waifu#2005


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Favorite character
Starlight Glimmer
What I learned from MLP?
I learned that Friendship is truly a precious thing, and you should always cherish the friends you have, and never lose sight of what's important.
Why I like MLP?
I like MLP because it's got amazing characters, catchy songs, and the land of Equestria is a really peaceful and happy place, a place that anyone would wanna go to and live in.
Creative, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive
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