Axel Unknown-Pone

About me
Nothing much to say, I am who I am. The names, Axel. Got it memorised?

Among other things, I enjoy life, it has it's ups and downs, but I try to look at things with a positive outlook as much as possible. It's more fun that way.

I enjoy: playing video games, talking to my friends, voice acting, entertaining people with my wild sense of humour, and writing stories from time to time.

Wanna hang out? Just message me. Sometimes I feel kinda lonely, I bet I'm not the only one either. No shame in admitting that.


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
Friendship is never to be taken for granted, appreciate everyone around you before they're gone.
Why I like MLP?
What's not to like about it?
Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive, Flirty
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