Bojack Pie Bojack

About me
Gudday! I'm Alex, a rather Masculine guy, very sweet and sensitive. I'm rather straightforward and honest, can be quite greedy at times but it never hurts to be kind. I'm pretty shy at first, but will open up as we talk. I love cute things, especially plushies, I listen to a lot of music, enjoy playing videogames, watching Netflix and YouTube. I attend college and work experience. I'd love to make some friends and possibly find some special gal. I think it is important to really know someone before dating them.


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Favorite character
Pinkie Pie
What I learned from MLP?
That there can be such a crazy and awesome community with such passion behind a so called "kids show". That and the true power of friendship of course!
Why I like MLP?
It helped me find some of my favourite music, youtubers and friends.
Creative, Flirty
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