Swifty Breeze SwiftLsB

About me
Bdate: dec 22nd

Nothing to know about this mun. Call her Corrina or Ani plz. Unless you'd consider knowing her IRL she's just like any random one who comes around here and see what's up,^~^!~ Likely linger or accompany herself with artistic matters. Anyway talk if you desire,Just no offensive things on spot. Im not a person to get upset easily though I'll be strictly upfront. RPing days of mine are in retire I only do it with those I still are comfortable with doing so or if up to it. As can probably guess,yes i do love MlP! and the fandom as much as im originally a furry-cosplayer. BUT I care for many more!~ IS no judge :3

Main OC(s) Sona
Swifty .


DIS: Yip yip!#1826 if i don't know you from random req or lost of memory plz say. Otherwise it's alright.


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
Be who you wanna be (yourself)
Why I like MLP?
I love animation and animals and fantasy type things as such in particular. Adores to see how it grows and inspires many to make great things outta it. ouo
Realistic, Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Subtle, Shy, Flirty, Reserved
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