Cookoogamer Cookoogamer

About me
Comedic , Intelligent , Lazy , Serious , Intellectual , Quiet , Observant , Patient


i do like to have a laugh , i make alota puns a skele-Ton , yes a basic over used pun was made but screw it you'll get used to them and i will put more BackBone into my puns but im usually Bone tired alota the time

i use a lot of acronyms and playing with words

favourite SCP: Object class: Euclid: SCP 1111: The White Dog

Xbox gamertag; Cookoogamer

favourite song's: Rocket jump waltz and the GMV remix, Fallout 76 OST: The Savage Divide ,Torpedo boyz: Any trash professor abacus , Rainbow Factory , It's raining somewhere else , Believer (Acoustic audio) , Eminem: Déja vu , Sharax: Dark darker yet darker , H_8 Seed: Awoken , Sharax: Ravenous

Fire is a beautiful art :)


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
There is no one perfect and we like our own things and to respect that.
Why I like MLP?
The adventure and comedy of it all and is really interesting to watch
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