Cookoogamer Cookoogamer

About me
Comedic , Bit of a smart ass, Klutz , Intelligent (Debatable at times) , Patient, Analytical, observant

The fire dances into the darkness of the night under the gazing moon and the shining stars


Chaos is amazing and amusing

Hobbies: Fires, Being a asshole and a smartass (It's real good fun , try it out), Jokes, Music, Tinkering with music and making it ( not great at it tbh :lol: ), Gaming, Digital Art Videos, Weaponry Information, Military

If adding me on one of the below preferably tell me who you are or i will not respond or reply.

Xbox tag: Cookoogamer
Youtube: Cookoogamer
Discord: Cookoo#2126
Twitch: Cookoogamer


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
There is no one perfect and we like our own things and to respect that.
Why I like MLP?
The adventure and comedy of it all and is really interesting to watch
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