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About me
Welp, not sure where to start... Kind of an odd one, country values seasoned by the city, eclectic music tastes centered in the classics, bookworm, future-minded quiet gent with his feminine moments. Looking for a similar stallion/transpony for LTR, but not adverse to friends as well :) Actual fav ponies tie between DJ Pony/Tempest Shadow/Luna/N. Moon btw...


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
Moreso what I've learned from the fandom, the community is very diverse, supportive, and value-minded.
Why I like MLP?
Namely, that it personifies(ponifies?) values that are inherently, or at least should be, present in any decent individual.

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Idealistic, Realistic, Creative, Systematic, Spiritual, Passionate, Subtle, Shy, Reserved
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