Cyber Phazon GotDM Cyber_Phazon_GotDM

About me
Im single and a gamer that plays on PC(steam), xbox one, Nintendo 3DS and Switch. I am Currently recertifying for my CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ cert.
I am a Computer Technician and I can Repair Windows PC and some Mac PCs(those are hard to come by).

I never had a Girlfriend or friends for the matter. I never had a true, true friend.
if you want to play xbox one with me or steam games that I have. let me know. Goal is to get to 200lbs or at max 220lbs
here is my skype if anyone wants to chat:

if you want to play with me on steam:


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Favorite character
Rainbow Dash
What I learned from MLP?
IF you try your hardest, you can achieve anything.
Why I like MLP?
from what I watched so far. i like the personalities of some of the characters.
Idealistic, Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive, Flirty
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