Cyber Phazon GotDM Cyber_Phazon_GotDM

About me
Im single and a gamer that plays on PC and console. and I am Currently recertifying for my CompTIA A+, Network+ and possibly Security+ certification.
I am a Computer Technician and I can Repair Windows PCs.
I want to find somebody or somepony who would love me for who I am, no matter the problem. I would like to start out to get to know each other, even if somepony is far from me. I only have online friends and not any IRL friends close to me. they are either gone or too busy.
also if you want to play xbox one with me or steam games that I have. let me know.
Xbox One is MidnightTech634.
here is my skype:

if you want to play with me on steam:


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Favorite character
Rainbow Dash
What I learned from MLP?
IF you try your hardest, you can achieve anything.
Why I like MLP?
from what I watched so far. i like the personalities of some of the characters.
Idealistic, Creative, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive, Flirty
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