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About me
I'm pretty shy, and would like somebody that is kind and caring. I am currently living In the uk, London if you want to be specific. I joined this website to potentially meet people who live in the surrounding vicinity, preferably someone 18-20, who is compassionate and does not shy away at appearances.
I love cooking, gaming, anime, etc. I love Luna as she loves the night as I do, and my most romantic scenario would be sitting down over a balcony watching the night sky, while cuddling my special someone.
PS-- The profile art is mine. Just got it commissioned two days ago!
PPS-- My name Is Zachary if you guys want to know that <3


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
I have learned to be more confident in myself and also to care for others. It has also helped me make friends.
Why I like MLP?
I like MLP:FiM because I have gone through rough times and MLP was a key component to why I am still here now, especially because of the community being so kind and caring.
Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Hyperactive
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