Ar. Enderman "Blu" Wolf MuldoonThePonyWarrior

About me
I'm pegasi with a Scottish/Irish accent looking for a special Mare in my life

I play VGs like Halo and other shooting games I sometimes will play MLP games

I'm the Arbiter(Highest General) of Luna's Army. I serve her in anyway Nightmare Moon or Luna I serve her

My Motto: I value my friends lives over my own

I have a twin (born at same time) sister, Midnight "Grey" Fox, and a sort of twin(born 5 hours after) brother, Phsyco "Red" Hyeana. We never got along with each other hence the names (inspired by TF2)

Relationship statis: single (age limit 15-17


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Favorite character
What I learned from MLP?
Friends are forever and adventure is out there ;)
Why I like MLP?
It's awesome and it gets better and better :)
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