An alluring voice one comparable to a siren, that's what most  called Aurora's voice. She could enchant anyone just with mere conversation. Her beauty matched her voice as well. A long lush mane and tail, a shiny peach pelt and crystal blue eyes that always had a flirty gleam to them and to top it off a beauty mark under her right eye so perfectly placed it somehow made her even more beautiful.

Her beauty matched her voice and her attitude plus personality matched her beauty. Conceited was a nice way to put it and she knew how to use it to her advantage so manipulitive was another thing. Mean was a lesser trait but it was still there.

Aurora serenade currently lives in Las Pegasus where she has nightly shows singing a range of music from show tunes, pop, and down to some rock which she usually performs rock in her nirik form. She lives a lavish and fun life and is quick to show it off. Sometimes she travels to Manehattan as part of a yearly tour, beside music she is an adept dancer and actress. Guess it comes with being a performer. Despite all this she does find herself lonely and can be talkative when she comes across someone she likes. Her song writer and dance instructor( glitz and glam ) are her usual go to gals. She will break out into songs that suit her mood. As for her nirik side she may have control of it during her shows but if she's in a fit of anger it can get out of control and things tend to get heated often when things don't go her way.