Mars Mcgee furguts

About me
Hey! Real shit, my name's Marissa and I love my little pony a bit too much. If it's possible for mlp to be a religion I'd be the pope, yo. I enjoy binging shows and listening to music on a daily basis. I like to play fps and rpg games, I also fancy speedrunning videos as a hobby. I like fantasy and sci-fi shit cuz reality is so lame.


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Favorite character
Twilight Sparkle
What I learned from MLP?
To accept literally any bitch that fucks with you because you never know what they've been through. Everyone has their own destiny to fulfilling the life they dream of enjoying.
Why I like MLP?
Everything is so pure and loving, everyone knows exactly how to save themselves and eachother with friendship and it's hella dope
Idealistic, Creative, Spiritual, Passionate, Romantic, Shy, Flirty
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