NightShade nightshade

About me
What's up, everypony?

I'm Nightshade.

A filly who is proudly taken by the most amazing colt in the whole universe who is handsome and always there to cuddle me.

[ EG version of my profile ]

Hey y'all!
I'm NightShade and I attend Canterlot High.

I enjoy listening to music, spending time with my handsome boy who I'm in love with every single day, drawing, watching Netflix and YouTube videos and love to play some video games casually.

I fancy old scary movies.
(These are my hobbies irl too!)

I enjoy my own solitude especially with my gorgeous gentlecolt/guy. (MLP/EG/irl)

irl, my name is Kat!


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Favorite character
Pinkie Pie
What I learned from MLP?
Be kind to one another, accept one another no matter how different they are and be yourself no matter what as to never let anyone tell you different and friendship is MAGIC obviously and is an amazing thing.
Equality is also the way to go!
Why I like MLP?
It's colourful, it takes me away from my troubles and lots of fun, joy and laughter in the series.
It's an anti-depressant of mine too.
Creative, Spiritual, Subtle
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