Prince Rainbow Fury PrinceRainbowFury

About me
I am an Alicorn born from two commoner Earth Ponies. I set out on a journey to explore the world, bask in its splendor, and make new friends along the way! But never shall I forget my true home.

I'm an 18 year old dude in real life, middle class, unemployed (Senior High School), single. I like to do a 5k (or more) jog every saturday morning and various workout routines that I come up with. I play video games, draw, write stories. And occasionally like to read random books to nourish my mind.

I am a patriot to my country, Philippines.


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Favorite character
Queen Chrysalis
What I learned from MLP?
Anyone can be given a chance to redeem themselves from their wrong doings.
Why I like MLP?
It reminds me of innocence
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